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A look at heated rhetoric of the 1940 U.S. Presidential Election between Democrat Franklin Roosevelt and Republican Wendell Willkie before the 2018 midterms.
5 November 2018
Library of Virginia Land Patents and Grants and how to use this record set. Virginia land records offer a wealth of knowledge for genealogical researchers.
22 October 2018
In 1864 Abraham Lincoln faced a tough re-election fight. History shows heated political rhetoric is nothing new, a reminder as we approach the 2018 midterms.
22 October 2018
Exploring some outrageous episodes in American political history and examining the Election of 1828.
8 October 2018
Exploring concerns regarding law enforcement's access to your DNA.
11 September 2018
Transcription and translation provided by Heritage Research and published with the express permission of the client.
7 May 2018
The Golden State Killer case catches our attention not only because genealogical research features heavily.
7 May 2018
Have you ever wondered where some colorful nicknames and phrases have come from?
7 May 2018
Soccer Football World Cup Copa America Olympics Euro 2016 history genealogy Lionel Messi Cristiano Ronaldo
12 July 2016
Texas NGS National Genealogical Society genealogy family history research guides tips tricks
9 July 2016
#NationalBarbieDay Barbie doll Ruth Handler Mattel National Barbie Day
8 March 2016
Canning First can opener Nicolas Appert Napoleon France lifehack #lifehack America
23 October 2015
Where Did "Y'all" Come From, Y'all? American vernacular slang south southern Dixie origins or words
29 September 2015
How to Use's Public Member Trees Wisely
15 August 2015
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has gone into labor with her second child.
30 April 2015
Attending the 15th Annual Family History Fair in Tyler
16 March 2015
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